April 2011 – Winter Sailing in New York

New York Floating Committee Hut
New York Floating Committee Hut

Living in the tropics I have a problem getting my head around going sailing when there is ice in the water. But it seems New Yorkers take it in their stride.

So the race officials don’t get cold on the water they have a floating hut with a stove that they can keep warm in. Pity the sailing dinghies don’t have internal heating too is my immediate reaction.

The club was after a genuine 3D  trophy and after much discussion this is what I put together.

Committee "Hut" Perpetual Award
Committee "Hut" Perpetual Award

They seemed to like it.

“We needed a new and unique looking perpetual trophy
for our fleet.

Steve delivered the goods – the likeness was spot-on
and we are grateful to have a memorable trophy that
will be the desire of competitors for years to come.”

Peter Beardsley
Larchmont Yacht Club
New York
April 2011

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