Cyclone Marcia and Us

cyclone_marcia_trackSailing Trophies Take 2nd Place

It’s been a couple of months since Cyclone Marcia passed over our small community of Byfield. It hit as a category 5, the most severe. There’s only been 10 category 5s to hit Australia in the last 150 years and 7 of those have been since the year 2000.

The map shows the position of the cyclone on the morning of 20th Feb right over the top of our place! It passed over in about 4 hours with winds of up to 280kph.

In the first week after the cyclone my son Jake Bundred was an enormous help with getting our water supply back up and working.

Below are a few post Marcia photos from around our property. Some minor damage to buildings. Some major damage to the trees. We used to live in a rainforest, we are now in open woodland with an enormous number of trees lying on the ground.

On the positive side we have no shortage of timber to make many more trophies.

  • Our driveway after the army had cleared it for us.
  • We have another 70 acres of fallen trees.
  • The inside of our workshop.
  • Even more untidy than usual.
  • One of our storage sheds has less roofing iron than it should.
  • Me pretending I've got everything under control.
  • An un-stack of timber.
  • What was left of our banana patch.
  • More fallen trees.
  • Side of the road.

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