J120 Sailing Trophy

Old Point Loma

J120 Sailing Trophy

Old Point Loma trophy design
That wonderful building in the background is the Old Point Loma lighthouse.
This trophy was ordered by Blew Bayou’s owner to celebrate a successful year of racing.


J120 Sailing Trophies

mountains trophy designs

More mountains in the background. They could be in Vermont too. At least the customer was happy.

Lake Max

MC Scow Perpetual Sailing Award

Lake Max trophy design

The background is a map of Lake Max, Michigan.
If you would like your lake added to your trophies contact us and we will do our best to make your wishes come true.


Tasar Sailing Trophy

queensland australia trophy design

This trophy was made for the Queensland, Australia, state championships. That’s a map of our beautiful state in the background.
Your trophies can feature your state. Or country, or lake you sail on, or something else.

North America

Sunfish North America Sailing Trophies

north america trophy design

A trophy made for the North American champion which included Canada, the US and Central America.

Sailing Trophies individually designed to your exact specifications