1. What currency do you show on your web site?

All prices are shown in Aussie dollars.

2. How can I find out how much your trophies cost in my currency?

An online currency converter will convert prices to a number of major currencies. Check out the prices pages.

3. How do I pay you in Aussie dollars?

We accept payment by Visa, Mastercard, PayPal or bank transfer. PayPal now accepts payment in AU $.

If you pay by credit card we will charge you at this end in Aussie dollars and leave the banks to make the exchange at the current rates. The debit will appear on your statement in your currency.

Too easy.

4. Is your site secure for sending credit card details?

No. But phones are pretty good. And our internet phone is very cheap, so if you email us your phone number we can phone you at no cost to yourself.

5. I tried phoning you but couldn’t get through?

If you are phoning us from outside Australia you need to add your countries international dialing code in front of our number instead of the plus sign. We show our number like this, +617 4935 1162

If you are phoning from North America, for instance, you need to replace the “+” with “011”. So from Canada or the USA you would dial,
011 617 4935 1162

Other countries may have a different international code.

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