1. I can’t find my sailing class on your web site.

We have made trophies for many different sailing classes most of which you can find on this site. But there are a lot more out there that we haven’t got around to yet. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make them. We just go hunting on the web for a suitable image that we can base a new design on. Or sometimes the customer can supply a photo.

Contact us and we’ll create for you a no obligation, absolutely free, computer generated design of your own unique trophy.

2. Can you make my trophies unique?

Sure can. No two pieces of timber are exactly the same so all our trophies are individuals. But we can also add in some unique elements to your trophies. A local landmark maybe. Or a map of the lake you sail on. Or something else. Browse through some of the images on the site for ideas. But if you have something else in mind give us a shout. All our trophies are hand made so we can customise them just for you.

Sailing Trophies individually designed to your exact specifications