Irish “Club of the Year” Perpetual Trophy

The Royal Yachting Association – Northern Ireland, RYANI, was after a perpetual sailing award for its “Club of the Year”. Centred on the Belfast dockyards, where the skyline is still dominated today by Harland and Wolff’s famous twin Gantry cranes, Samson and Goliath.

And with a map of Northern Ireland in the background.

RYANI Harland & Wolff Perpetual Sailing Award
RYANI Harland & Wolff Perpetual Sailing Award

I just heard back today from Ireland to say that the trophy is much admired.

I'm not sure if I ever wrote to you to thank you for the trophy.
It is much loved by all who have seen it here!

One thought on “Irish “Club of the Year” Perpetual Trophy”

  1. That wonderful trophy is safely placed for the next year, in the bar area of Holywood Yacht Club Co.Down
    RYANI Yacht Club of the year 2011

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