POFFFA Perpetual Flying Fifteen Trophy

No, I haven’t made a typo, there really are three “f”s in POFFFA. The Port of Falmouth Flying Fifteen Association in southern England.

They asked for a perpetual trophy featuring their class plus a map of where they sail. The river estuary with the deep channel picked out in a lighter timber.

Flying Fifteen Perpetual Sailing Trophy
Flying Fifteen Perpetual Sailing Trophy

Abi and Nick look pretty happy being the very first winners of this trophy.

High School Music Award

We don’t always make sailing trophies, sometimes we branch out into exciting new directions.

Such as when a teacher from the high school wanted to commemorate the memory of a local piano tuner. They wanted something simple but stunning for the memorial perpetual trophy plus a little keeper that the winning student could take away with them.

This is what we came up with. Happy to say the teacher, and the school, were delighted.

International Moth Irish Championship Perpetual Trophy

Moth Irish Championship Perpetual Sailing Trophy
Moth Irish Championship Perpetual Sailing Trophy

I’ve made many trophies for Irish sailors but with this one I did something I don’t often do. I stained the map of Ireland green.

I normally only use timbers in their natural colour but as I don’t have any green wood I made an exception in this case.

I’ve also made keeper sailing trophies for the Moth class, both with and without foils. You can check some out here.

foiling moth sailing trophy moth sailing trophies

10ft Vintage Skiff Keeper Trophies

10ft Vintage Skiff Keeper Sailing Trophies
10ft Vintage Skiff Keeper Sailing Trophies
10ft Vintage Skiff Perpetual Sailing Trophy
10ft Vintage Skiff Perpetual Sailing Trophy

A few years ago I made a perpetual trophy for the 10ft vintage skiff fleet in Brisbane.

They must have liked it because they’ve just ordered 5 keeper trophies of a similar design.

The club is going to present one to the best boat over the next 5 seasons.

Foresight and planning. I need more customers who order their sailing trophies 5 years in advance.

Optimist Californian Perpetual Trophy

I recently quoted on a perpetual sailing trophy to go to the USA. The requirements were:

  • Large enough to take many years worth of annual plaques.
  • Include a map of California.
  • Show a palm tree which not only adds visual interest but says we are lucky enough to be warm water sailors.

So off I went to the graphics software on my computer and created this mock-up of how I visualised the final trophy. (By the way, in Australia we spell visualised with an s!)

Optimist Perpetual Trophy Mock_up
Optimist Perpetual Trophy Mock_up

The customer was impressed enough to go ahead with the order. This is what he said after he had received the final trophy.

“I received it today and it looks better than the rendering you had send me some times ago.
Thank you!”

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S2 7.9 Yacht Trophies

Lake Minnetonka S2 7.9 Sailing Trophies

S2 7,9 Yacht Sailing TrophiesThis customer specified that these yacht trophies should have:-

  • A map of Lake Minnetonka. Not the whole lake, just the end they sail on.
  • The boat to look like an S2 with their 7/8 rig .
  • Vertical transom.
  • Water line black band which I added from natural timber.
  • Class logo engraved on flexi-brass.

All in all they didn’t turn out too badly.

Budget Sailing Trophies prove popular

Sailing Trophies don’t get much more “budget” than these

This is the third year that the Tweed Valley Sailing Club have ordered these budget sailing trophies.

budget sailing trophyEven though they are cheap, the circular engraving can be customised to your exact requirements. (Prices here)

And, as with all our trophies, they are made from natural coloured timber.

  • The yellow sail shape is Leichhardt Pine
  • The red circle is She Oak
  • and the base is Peach Cedar

New Zealand’s First RS Feva Perpetual Sailing Trophy

RS Feva Perpetual Sailing Trophy

Okay, it may not be the first but as the RS Feva sailing class has only just been introduced into New Zealand and as it was the class agent who ordered this I’ve a good chance of being right.

New Zealand RS Feva Perpetual Sailing Trophy
New Zealand RS Feva Perpetual Sailing Trophy

This sailing trophy needed to depict the RS Feva with its distinctive sail stripe as well as including a map of New Zealand. And enough room on the base for a few years of annual plaques.

And the customer seemed to like it.

Hi Anne
The RS Feva Trophy looks fantastic thank you.
NZ Water Shed

Canoe Trophies with Lateen and Marconi Rigs

The American Canoe Association has had a few different trophies from us over the years.

I’ve never tried canoes with sails but it sounds like a great idea to me. Beats paddling.

Canoe Sailing TrophiesThese trophies are a mixture of lateen and marconi rigs and include the ACA burgee.

Cyclone Marcia and Us

cyclone_marcia_trackSailing Trophies Take 2nd Place

It’s been a couple of months since Cyclone Marcia passed over our small community of Byfield. It hit as a category 5, the most severe. There’s only been 10 category 5s to hit Australia in the last 150 years and 7 of those have been since the year 2000.

The map shows the position of the cyclone on the morning of 20th Feb right over the top of our place! It passed over in about 4 hours with winds of up to 280kph.

In the first week after the cyclone my son Jake Bundred was an enormous help with getting our water supply back up and working.

Below are a few post Marcia photos from around our property. Some minor damage to buildings. Some major damage to the trees. We used to live in a rainforest, we are now in open woodland with an enormous number of trees lying on the ground.

On the positive side we have no shortage of timber to make many more trophies.

  • Our driveway after the army had cleared it for us.
  • We have another 70 acres of fallen trees.
  • The inside of our workshop.
  • Even more untidy than usual.
  • One of our storage sheds has less roofing iron than it should.
  • Me pretending I've got everything under control.
  • An un-stack of timber.
  • What was left of our banana patch.
  • More fallen trees.
  • Side of the road.

Club Coach Award

Made for the Royal Yachting Association of Northern Ireland earlier this year.

Whistle Club Coach AwardAll coaches need a big whistle.

Mullet Perpetual Trophy

This one went to New Zealand earlier this year.
Mullet Perpetual Sailing Trophy

  • A Mullet sailing boat.
  • The club’s support boat.
  • Club burgee from natural timber colours.

The customer requested a list of the timbers that I’d used. Here it is.

  • Bottom of base – Beefwood
  • Main base – Red Cedar
  • Light hulls and sails – Quandong
  • Wavy background – Banksia
  • Yellow backing and flag pole – Leichhardt Pine
  • Black on and around burgee, dark crew and Watchman windows – Rosewood, a local wattle (acacia rhodoxylyn). The common name rosewood is used for numerous timbers.
  • Deck on Mullet – a local wattle?
  • Skipper – She Oak
  • Fore hand – Red Cedar
  • Spars – maybe Blue Gum. Or one of our local hardwoods.

A Pirate’s Life for Us Perpetual Trophy

This special perpetual sailing trophy has just arrived in Marina del Rey, California.
yacht_perpetual_double_base_sailing_trophy_600This perpetual depicts :-

  • The sun setting behind the Santa Monica hills
  • A palm tree on the beach
  • Symmetrical and asymetric spinnakers
  • A double base for many years of annual plaques.


The customer seemed to like it :-

Hi Steve,
It arrived safe and sound, on time, and BEAUTIFUL!
It will be the most handsome trophy in Marina del Rey! Heck.. California!
Thank you for your wonderful service. Any doubts I had working with a company so far away melted right from the start with your prompt replies. As an artist myself (custom nautical jewelry), I love your method of mockup, I knew what I was getting when I placed the order. I have a feeling you may hear more from this area when this gets seen.

Kathy St. Amant
Rear Commodore
South Coast Corinthian Yacht Club, Marina del Rey, CA

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Sometimes Sailing Trophy Makers get to go Blokart Sailing

I’ve been sailing on the water for many years but only took up land yachting recently. We’ve just returned from a Blokart sailing regatta on the beautiful Cape Hillsborough National Park beach in Queensland.

It’s at times like this I realise why I like living in the tropics.

Blokart sailing trophies

Salthouse Cavalier 32 Nautical Gift

Salthouse Cavalier 32 Nautical Gift
Salthouse Cavalier 32 Nautical Gift


A friend owns a Salthouse Cavalier 32 and I thought for his birthday the perfect present would be a nautical gift depicting his yacht.

And as you can see it was his sixtyth birthday. The big six oh.

Unfortunately Steve doesn’t get a great deal of time to go sailing so his Salthouse Cavalier 32 yacht doesn’t get to see a great deal of sailing.

At least now he has a nautical gift sailing trophy sitting on his shelf reminding him how he should get out there and go sailing.


Happy Birthday Steve.


Chesapeake Bay Power Boat Trophies

Chesapeake Bay Powerboat Trophy Engraving
Chesapeake Bay Powerboat Trophy Engraved Club Logo

Power Boat Trophies with Fancy Engraving

We mostly make sailing trophies but enjoyed the challenge of making these powerboat trophies.

The trickiest bit was duplicating their intricate club logo on the engraver. We used stainless steel like material rather than have the brass look. More in keeping with high powered engines.

The stripes on the hull are all from natural colour Australian timbers. In fact all the woods used are their natural colours.
We don’t use wood dyes of any sort.

( Apart from when we do! But that’s not very often.)

Chesapeake Bay Power Boat Trophy
Chesapeake Bay Power Boat Trophy

Hobie 16 Nautical Gifts

Hobie Lighthouse Nautical Gifts
Hobie Lighthouse Nautical Gift

Sometimes it’s tricky to find that special present but if the recipient is a Hobie sailor and has a lighthouse at the bottom of the garden then nautical gifts design themselves

And if he sails from a club on Grand Island, New York, then adding a map in the background and the club burgee and the nautical gift is complete.

Even if the lighthouse isn’t a real one we can pretend. The customer sent me this photo of a garden ornament to include in her nautical gift.

Hobie 16 Nautical Gift Lighthouse
Hobie 16 Nautical Gift Lighthouse

Musto Skiff Keeper and Perpetual Sailing Trophies

These Musto Skiff sailing trophies look fabulous with their different coloured spinnakers.

Musto Skiff Sailing Trophy

These are keeper trophies. The Musto Skiff class association also wanted a perpetual trophy with a map of the Australian state of Victoria in the background.

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Windsurfer Trophies, Kitesurfer Trophies, and Sponsor Trophies

Aruba Hi-Winds Windsurfer Trophies

I have to admit to not having heard of the Aruba Hi-Winds Windsurfing and Kite Surfing regatta and their need for trophies. I even had to look up the whereabouts of Aruba.

It’s obviously a very successful regatta as it is in its 26th year. And they needed many windsurfer and kite surfer trophies. As well as trophies for all their sponsors.

With good input from the organisers we designed trophies especially for this event.

windsurfer kite surfer sponsor trophies

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Unique Handmade Timber Sailing Trophies

Our sailing trophies are individually designed to your exact specification.

Let us know your requirements and we’ll create awards that will delight your sailors.

Made from all natural timber colours.

Make sure sailors never forget your regatta

Presenting exceptional trophies will help your regatta stand out from the crowd.

And they won’t break the bank.

Trophies priced from only $15
Complete Price Guide here

Facts you should consider before you invest in your next Sailing Trophies

1. Ordinary Trophies aren’t treasured.

2. All sailors know that their sailing class is the best.

3. Great trophies make your regatta memorable.

Sailing Classes