Optimist Californian Perpetual Trophy

I recently quoted on a perpetual sailing trophy to go to the USA. The requirements were:

  • Large enough to take many years worth of annual plaques.
  • Include a map of California.
  • Show a palm tree which not only adds visual interest but says we are lucky enough to be warm water sailors.

So off I went to the graphics software on my computer and created this mock-up of how I visualised the final trophy. (By the way, in Australia we spell visualised with an s!)

Optimist Perpetual Trophy Mock_up
Optimist Perpetual Trophy Mock_up

The customer was impressed enough to go ahead with the order. This is what he said after he had received the final trophy.

“I received it today and it looks better than the rendering you had send me some times ago.
Thank you!”

It’s a tightrope I have to walk between producing a mock-up that’s good enough to encourage the potential customer to order but not so good they are disappointed with the final trophy.

This is what I made. What do you think?

Optimist Finished Perpetual Trophy
Optimist Finished Perpetual Trophy

One thought on “Optimist Californian Perpetual Trophy”

  1. I am interested in learning more about this trophy, cost, lead time, etc.

    I am in Florida, USA.

    Thank you.

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