S2 7.9 Yacht Trophies

Lake Minnetonka S2 7.9 Sailing Trophies

S2 7,9 Yacht Sailing TrophiesThis customer specified that these yacht trophies should have:-

  • A map of Lake Minnetonka. Not the whole lake, just the end they sail on.
  • The boat to look like an S2 with their 7/8 rig .
  • Vertical transom.
  • Water line black band which I added from natural timber.
  • Class logo engraved on flexi-brass.

All in all they didn’t turn out too badly.

One thought on “S2 7.9 Yacht Trophies”

  1. These trophies look great. I love the water line that you added behind the boat. It really gives the trophy a unique look. Way to come up with such a unique design!

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