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Sailing Trophies for Aussie Sabot Nationals

Sabot Sailing Trophies

We’ve just finished over 200 Sabot sailing trophies for the Australian National Titles coming up in a couple of months time.

Here is just one of the designs we created for this event.

Sabot sailing trophy with logo

The senior Sabot sailors sail one up while the juniors sail two up. We were able to add the extra crew to the junior trophies.

This year these titles are being hosted by the South East Queensland Sabot Association and they were keen to include their distinctive logo on each trophy. We created this from brushed gold and red marble engraving material.

And the organiser seems to like them.

“I opened a couple of boxes to have a look and the trophies look fantastic. We had a Nationals committee meeting on the weekend and everybody loved the trophies!

Thank you again for all your help, I’m sure the sabot kids are going to be inspired to do well when they see the trophies they could win!”

Let’s hope the sailors are just as happy.