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Mullet Perpetual Trophy

This one went to New Zealand earlier this year.
Mullet Perpetual Sailing Trophy

  • A Mullet sailing boat.
  • The club’s support boat.
  • Club burgee from natural timber colours.

The customer requested a list of the timbers that I’d used. Here it is.

  • Bottom of base – Beefwood
  • Main base – Red Cedar
  • Light hulls and sails – Quandong
  • Wavy background – Banksia
  • Yellow backing and flag pole – Leichhardt Pine
  • Black on and around burgee, dark crew and Watchman windows – Rosewood, a local wattle (acacia rhodoxylyn). The common name rosewood is used for numerous timbers.
  • Deck on Mullet – a local wattle?
  • Skipper – She Oak
  • Fore hand – Red Cedar
  • Spars – maybe Blue Gum. Or one of our local hardwoods.