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Musto Skiff Perpetual sailing Trophies

It was way back in 2012 that we made a perpetual trophy for the Musto Skiff sailing class. It was a perpetual sailing trophy for the Australian state of Victoria titles.

We have recently added a Musto Skiff perpetual sailing trophy for the Australian National Titles.

The customer chose to add a double base to the Australian perpetual sailing trophy in order to accommodate many years of annual plaques.

Musto Skiff Perpetual Sailing Trophy Victoria

International Moth Irish Championship Perpetual Trophy

Moth Irish Championship Perpetual Sailing Trophy
Moth Irish Championship Perpetual Sailing Trophy

I’ve made many trophies for Irish sailors but with this one I did something I don’t often do. I stained the map of Ireland green.

I normally only use timbers in their natural colour but as I don’t have any green wood I made an exception in this case.

I’ve also made keeper sailing trophies for the Moth class, both with and without foils. You can check some out here.

foiling moth sailing trophy moth sailing trophies

Mullet Perpetual Trophy

This one went to New Zealand earlier this year.
Mullet Perpetual Sailing Trophy

  • A Mullet sailing boat.
  • The club’s support boat.
  • Club burgee from natural timber colours.

The customer requested a list of the timbers that I’d used. Here it is.

  • Bottom of base – Beefwood
  • Main base – Red Cedar
  • Light hulls and sails – Quandong
  • Wavy background – Banksia
  • Yellow backing and flag pole – Leichhardt Pine
  • Black on and around burgee, dark crew and Watchman windows – Rosewood, a local wattle (acacia rhodoxylyn). The common name rosewood is used for numerous timbers.
  • Deck on Mullet – a local wattle?
  • Skipper – She Oak
  • Fore hand – Red Cedar
  • Spars – maybe Blue Gum. Or one of our local hardwoods.

A Pirate’s Life for Us Perpetual Trophy

This special perpetual sailing trophy has just arrived in Marina del Rey, California.
yacht_perpetual_double_base_sailing_trophy_600This perpetual depicts :-

  • The sun setting behind the Santa Monica hills
  • A palm tree on the beach
  • Symmetrical and asymetric spinnakers
  • A double base for many years of annual plaques.


The customer seemed to like it :-

Hi Steve,
It arrived safe and sound, on time, and BEAUTIFUL!
It will be the most handsome trophy in Marina del Rey! Heck.. California!
Thank you for your wonderful service. Any doubts I had working with a company so far away melted right from the start with your prompt replies. As an artist myself (custom nautical jewelry), I love your method of mockup, I knew what I was getting when I placed the order. I have a feeling you may hear more from this area when this gets seen.

Kathy St. Amant
Rear Commodore
South Coast Corinthian Yacht Club, Marina del Rey, CA

Father Daughter Perpetual Sailing Trophy Lake Arrowhead, California

Father Daughter Perpetual Sailing Trophy
Father Daughter Perpetual Sailing Trophy

The design brief for this perpetual sailingĀ  trophy from the customer.

  • To feature a map of the lake they sail on. Lake Arrowhead, California.
  • The club burgee crafted from natural timber colours.
  • A couple of the clubs boats. A C-Scow and a Geary 18.
  • Enough room on the base for 40 years worth of annual plaques.

River Cruiser Class Windmill Perpetual Sailing Trophy

I enjoy making perpetual sailing trophies especially when the design brief is a little more challenging.

This time the customer was after:-

  • A magnificent River Cruiser Class boat.
  • Either a typical Norfolk Broads windmill or Victorian swing bridge in the background.
  • A depiction of the reeds that are typical of the river banks of this part of the world.
  • Large base with room for many years worth of annual plaques.

This is what it turned out like.

River Cruiser Class Windmill Perpetual Sailing Trophy

Well I like it. What do you think?