How Do You Find Remarkable Trophies That Will Really Impress Your Sailors?

Yacht Nautical Gift

“I think you should change your company name to
absolutely bl**dy fantastic sailing trophies!!!! 

Completely over the moon and I am sure they will go down a storm at our event this weekend. Many thanks once again.”

Paul Bartlett –
May 2009

Choose Exactly the Right Trophies for your Presentation

What you really want to give your winning sailors are trophies that mean something. Trophies they will value for the rest of their lives.

But your local trophy shop only has the same old plastic or glass that your club always presents. Where do you find something different but also affordable?

Just imagine what a memorable presentation you could have if you gave unique, hand made timber trophies that none of your sailors had ever seen before.

Whether you need a large impressive perpetual trophy or a small, cheap “keeper” trophy you will find something to your taste in the selection shown below.

  • An RS 2000 dinghy
  • A Hurricane 5.7 Catamaran
  • Scottish Flag
  • Club Logo
  • Sponsors web address
  • and a very satisfied customer!