Classes I-L

Dinghy Classes beginning with the letters I to L

Inland Cat | International Cadet | IOM | Johnson 18 | Lido 14 | Lightning

Inland Cat Sailing Trophies


Not with standing their name these cats are monohulls.
The regatta organiser who ordered these thought the curved mast looked “sexy”!

Inland Cat

International Cadet Sailing Trophies

international_cadet_front_australia_sailing_trophyThis customer asked for 4 lines of text on the engraved plaque so we used slightly taller bases to accommodate this.

International Cadet

International One Metre


Another popular radio controlled sailing class. As with all our trophies, they are available as full boat trophies or the budget priced sail trophies.

International One Metre

Johnson 18



Johnson 18

Lido 14 Sailing Trophies

lido 14 sailboat

The front view of small dinghies always looks good when they gull wing the jib downwind.
As with most of our trophies they come in 3 different sizes.

Lido 14

Lightning USA Sailing Trophies


If you are holding national championships you can have a map of your country as the background to your trophies.


javelin_nationals_perth_sailing_trophies_1234Our boat trophies normally come in 3 sizes but here we made an extra large one for the champion.