Classes M

Dinghy Sailing Classes beginning with the Letter M

MG | MJ | Mini 12 | Minnow | Mirror

MG Sailing Trophies


A friend of mine won this. His boat does have a bright red spinnaker. He was pretty happy with this trophy.

Manly Graduate

MJ Sailing Trophies


We can make all our trophies with a variety of natural timber coloured spinnakers.

Manly Junior

Mini 12 Sailing Trophies

mini 12 sailboat trophy

These were made for the Atlantic Coast Millimeter and Mini 12 titles in 2005.

You can have a background of your choice on your trophies.

Mini 12

Mirror UK Perpetual Sailing Award

Mirror uk trophy

With their distinctive red sails and that map in the background there’s no question where these Mirror dinghies sail.


Minnow Sailing Trophies

minnow dinghy

Trophies for the 2005 Aussie nationals. We realise that minnows have blue sails but none of our trees know that. Brown wood is the closest we can get.


moth sailing trophy

Older Type Moths

moth sailing trophiesDown in the water.


Moth – without foils

foiling moth sailing trophy

Up Out of the Water

foiling moth sailing trophyLittle, but very fast.

Foiling Moth