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Dinghy Classes beginning with the letter S

Sabot | Sabre | Sharpie | Snipe | Sonar | Squib | Star | Sunfish

sabot sailing trophy

Sabot Individual Sailing Trophies

sabot sailing trophies

A very popular junior class in Australia.


Sabre Sailing Trophies

sabre front sailing trophiesThe red section at the top of the sail is crafted from a natural timber colour.


Lightweight Sharpie Sailing Trophies


All three crew are working hard on this popular Australian boat.


Snipe Sailing Trophy


Another action trophy.


Sonar Sailing Trophy


One of the Para-Olympic classes this trophy was made as a fund raiser for the Aussie team before the Athens games.
You can have a map of your country or state or lake or something else in the background. Or dispense with the background for a cheaper option.


Squib Perpetual Sailing Trophy

Squib sailboat

This Squib perpetual trophy went to Ireland.


Star Sailing Trophy

star sailboat trophies

An Olympic class, of course, and another of the trophies we made as a fundraiser for the Aussie team before the Athens games.
Your trophies can have a different background. Or no background at all for a more affordable option.


Sunfish Sailing Trophy

sunfish trophy

I just love the image of these boats going downwind. What a great sail shape.


Sparrow Sail Trophy

Sparrow Sail Trophy

Sparrow Sail TrophyThis is a sail trophy but you can have a boat trophy too.