Classes T-Z

Dinghy Sailing Trophies for Classes beginning with the letters T to Z

Topper | Tarpon | Tasar | Thistle | Traditional Sharpie | Victory 21 | X Boat

Topper Sailing Trophy


With the distinctive sail logo and colours there’s no mistaking this fine little dinghy. We can make the full rig or the 4.2.


Tarpon Sailing Trophy

tarpon dinghy trophy

The background is a map of Nigeria with the capital, Lagos, shown by a star.


Tasar Sailing Trophy

dacron sailboat design trophy

A front view with the older Dacron sails. We can also make trophies showing Mylar sails.


Thistle Sailing Trophy

thistle dinghy

Flat out downwind showing off their beautiful spinnaker.


Traditional Sharpie Sailing Trophy

Traditional Sharpie trophy

What can I say? This is a very fine trophy.

Traditional Sharpie

Traditional Sharpie Sailing Trophy


I think this trophy speaks for itself. Such an elegant old design.

Traditional Sharpie

Victory 21 Sailing Trophy


Pretty good looking trophies along with their class insignia on the sail.

Victory 21

X Boat Sailing Trophy

x boat sailboat trophy

A simple but effective representation of this popular class. Either a front or side view as with most of our trophies.

X Boat