Generic Trophies

Generic Multihull Trophies ideal for Mixed Fleet Regattas

Catamarans and Trimarans

Generic Catamaran Sailing Trophies


These have 2 on trapeze but this can easily be changed. If your class is cat rigged, as opposed to these sloop rigged trophies, the jib could go as well!

Generic Off the Beach Cat

Generic Cruising Cat Sailing Trophy


A single boat with a minimal background. Your trophies can have the catamaran displayed in front of the background of your choice.

Generic Cruising Catamaran

Generic Cruising Trimaran Sailing Trophy

trimaran yacht trophies

Similar to our generic yacht trophies. A single boat with a minimal background.

Generic Cruising Trimaran

trimaran catamaran perpetual sailing trophy

Trimaran, Catamaran Perpetual Trophy

Finland_tri_cat_perpetual_sailing_trophyIncludes this Finnish sailing club’s logo crafted from timber.

Trimaran & Catamaran Finland

Trimaran Texas sailing trophy

Trimaran Regatta in Texas

Trimaran Texas sailing trophyYou can have a map of your state on your trophies.

Trimaran with Map Background