More Scows than You can point a Stick at!

A-Scow | C-Scow | E-Scow | I20 | M16 | MC-Scow

C Scow Sailing Trophies


The Spring Lake Yacht Club burgee has been incorporated into this trophy.

C-Scows with club burgee

C Scow Sailing Trophies

c scow sailing trophy

This front view highlights the sleek lines of this fine sailing boat.

Individual C-Scow Trophy

E Scow Sailing Trophies


Your trophies can also include your class insignia and your club burgee. Or not. Your choice. It’s only money.

E-Scow – Symmetrical Spinnaker

I-20 Scow Sailing Trophies

i-20 scow sailboat

One for the lake sailors. With that huge assymetric I bet they fly.


M-16 Scow Sailing Trophies


Another one for those lake sailors out there.

M16 Scow

A-Scow Perpetual Sailing Trophy


I hope this trophy goes some way to conveying the sheer power of this awesome speed machine .

A-Scow Perpetual Trophy

e-scow side sailing trophy

E-Scow Sailing Trophies

e-scow side sailing trophy

You can choose a front or side view of your boat.

E-Scow – side view

MC Scow Sailing Trophies

Individual MC-Scow Trophy

An individual MC-Scow sailing trophy.

Individual MC-Scow Trophy

e-scow sailing trophy

The New Look E-Scow

e-scow sailing trophy

E-Scow – Asymmetric Spinnaker