Many and varied but all spectacular

Whatever idea you have for a perpetual sailing trophy unique to your club I’ll do my best to interpret it in timber.

Hobie 16 perpetual trophy


This magnificent perpetual award was commisioned by Hobie 16 sailors from Lake Arrowhead, California.
It is 32″ tall and crafted to the customers design.
It even shows the pine trees that surround the lake.

Hobie 16

Tornado gold medalist trophy


A Perpetual Trophy dedicated to the Tornado gold medallists from the Montreal Olmpics.
The tower in the background is a well known local landmark in their home town in Southern England. As are the bathing huts.
Bateman’s Folly, the tower, leans in real life too!

Tornado Bateman’s Folly

X95 Lighthouse trophy


This X-95 is depicted sailing past a lighthouse that unfortunately burnt down a few years ago.

X95 Lighthouse

Lake Arrowhead perpetual sailing trophy

Father and Daughter Sailing Perpetual

Lake Arrowhead perpetual sailing trophyA map of the lake in the background along with their club burgee.

Lake Arrowhead

Pine Lake Yacht Club Sunfish Trophy


A trophy made for a club that sails on a lake surrounded by pine trees.

Sunfish Pine Lake

Mullet Perpetual Sailing Trophy

Mullet and Safety Boat

Mullet Perpetual Sailing TrophyThis one went to New Zealand

Mullet Trophy

Yachts, Sunsets and Palm Trees

yacht perpetual sailing trophyThe customer specified the double base for many years worth of annual plaques.

Californian Yacht Trophy

perpetual Trophy

Floating Hut used for Winter Races

perpetual TrophyThis one floats around a New York club.

Commodores Hut

viper perpetual sailing trophy

New York Viper Perpetual

viper perpetual sailing trophyThe boat with class insignia, local landmark and club burgee.