Windsurfer Trophies, Kitesurfer Trophies, and Sponsor Trophies

Aruba Hi-Winds Windsurfer Trophies

I have to admit to not having heard of the Aruba Hi-Winds Windsurfing and Kite Surfing regatta and their need for trophies. I even had to look up the whereabouts of Aruba.

It’s obviously a very successful regatta as it is in its 26th year. And they needed many windsurfer and kite surfer trophies. As well as trophies for all their sponsors.

With good input from the organisers we designed trophies especially for this event.

windsurfer kite surfer sponsor trophies

Aruba Hi-Winds Sponsor Trophy

Windsurfer Sail Trophies Aruba Hi-Winds

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