Coconut Grove Junior Trophies

We get lots of testimonials, but once in a blue moon along comes one that just makes the rest redundant. Thanks Sigrid.

Dear Steve,

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how grateful and impressed I am with your work. The trophies were absolutely stunning. Everyone has said that they are the best trophies they have ever seen. The kids and the coaches loved them and the parents went crazy with them. I am sure you will get calls from people from Florida asking for your trophies 🙂

I got them on Friday Oct 21. Exactly a week after placing the order and talking to you. This was just amazing. You really delivered not only in quality and originality, but with a week to spare. The quality of the trophies is outstanding. They are so original . . .something people will keep. The customer service you provided and the easy way of conducting business even with such a distance between us was just mesmerizing and inspiring.

The regatta was a success even when the weather did not cooperate a lot with us. The funny thing was that everybody was so happy with the trophies , shirts and things we put together that there was no dissapointment after the weather was not too good for sailing.

The club already asked me to chair the regatta again for next year so we are on! This time we will be more organized and will be able to order with enough time. The club was so happy and impressed that they wanted me to take care of organizing other regattas too, so there you go . . . .. you will hear from me very soon. I will make you our “official trophy friend”.

I wanted to personally thank you for making me look so good. Everybody complimented me on this find and I owe you my gratitude for life. Your good humor, flexibility and creativity have made me fan and friend for life.

Thank you so very much for everything.

Greetings from Miami.