How to Order

Ordering your Trophies

Because we specialise in customised trophies our ordering process tends to be a one on one process. So you won’t find a shopping cart on this site with off the shelf items. But you will get very personal service.

Follow these steps

  • Browse the site to get an idea of your choices. Don’t worry if you can’t see your particular sailing class. We will be able to make trophies that depict your boats.
  • Check out prices starting here.
  • Remember that all prices are initially shown in Aussie dollars. For conversions click the price and choose your currency from the drop down. You only have to do this once.
  • Email us using our Contact Form for an obligation free quote.
  • Please give us an outline of your needs. The following info is useful.
    • The date of your regatta or presentation.
    • Where in the world you will need the trophies sent.
    • The number of trophies that you require. Just an idea is enough at this stage. One trophy we can fit in at short notice, 100 specialised trophies take a little longer to craft.
    • The style of trophy that you prefer.


Why not get an obligation free quote?