Windsurfer Trophies

Mistral Sailing Trophies

sailboard trophy

Another trophy made as a fundraiser for the Australian Olympic team before the Athens games.

Mistral Sailboard

Mistral Sailing Trophies


Windsurfing in the tropics

Windsurfers with Lighthouse

Windsurfer Side Sailing Trophy

single sailboard trophy

Yes, the wonderful yellow colour of that sail is natural timber.

Single Sailboard

Blokart Land Yacht Sailing Trophy


These Blokart Sailing Trophies are shown with a 4 metre and a 3 metre sail but we could just as easily make them with a 2 or 5.5 metre sail.

Blokart – okay, not really a windsurfer

Windsurfer Budget Sailing Trophy


You can have the design of your choice engraved on the circular flexi-brass plaque.

Windsurfer Budget Trophy

Windsurfer Sails

windsurfer sail trophies

Includes an engraved club burgee if that’s what floats your boat.

Sail Trophies

Blokart Land Yacht Sailing Trophy


These Blokart Sailing Trophies make a fabulous sailing gift for the land sailor who has everything.

Blokart 4m Sail

kite surfer trophies

Kite Surfing Trophy

kite surfer trophiesA board on the waves

Kite Surfers