Classes D-G

Dinghy Sailing Classes beginning with the letters D to G

Daysailer | EC12 | Europe | Finn | Fireball | Geary 18


oday daysailer regatta trophy

These trophies were for a Daysailer regatta in the USA. You can have the background of your choice on your trophies.


EC12 Sailing Trophy

EC12_side_sailing_trophy A popular remote controlled model yacht. Very sleek and elegant.

EC12 Model

Europe Sailing Trophy


An Olympic class. This trophy was donated as a fund raiser for the Australian team before the Athens games.
The logo is crafted out of natural coloured timbers.


Finn Australia Sailing Trophies

finn sailboat

Made for the 2008 Finn Gold Cup sailed in Australia. Note the rather swish sail seams engraved on the mainsail!
You can have a map of your choice in the background. They are cheaper without a map background.
Please feel free to discuss your particular needs.


Fireball Sailing Trophies

fireball boat trophy

Australian Champions need a map of, uummhh, Australia on their trophies.
Minor places can sometimes do without!
We’ve even been able to replicate the distinctive Fireball hull shape on these trophies.


Geary 18 Sailing Trophy


The winner took out so many races during the season that we had to enlarge the size of the base to accomodate all the engraved plaques.

Geary 18