Sailed around the world

Optimist Sailing Trophies


Possibly the most popular junior class in the world.


Optimist Sailing Trophies

opti with lighthouse trophies

This Optimist regatta was sailed on Biscayne Bay, Miami. That’s the local lighthouse in the background.

Opti with Lighthouse

Optimist Sailing Trophies for the Tropics

tropical optimist sailing boat

The perfect trophy for that tropical Optimist sailing regatta.

Opti for the Tropics

Optimist Burgee Perpetual Sailing Award

Optimist burgee boat trophy

Thr burgee of a South Australian sailing club is depicted from natural timber colours in the background.

Optimist Burgee

Optimist Sail Trophies

optimist sail trophies

A simple, but effective sail trophy. Cheap too. These were for a club in San Francisco and included their club burgee engraved from flexi-brass at no extra cost.

Optimist Sail Trophy

Optimist Perpetual Sailing Award


That’s the state of Rhode Island, USA, in the background.

Opti Rhode Island

Optimist Sailing Trophy

Newport Bridge trophy

Sailing at Conanicut Yacht Club with the Newport Rhode Island Bridge in the background.

Newport Bridge

Optimist Pacific Championships USA Sailing Trophies

championshiop usa trophy

Includes a map of the 3 Pacific States in the background plus the San Francisco Yacht Club burgee engraved in flexi-brass.

Pacific Champs