Junior Trophies

Some popular junior sailing classes. Many more available. Ask us.

Sabot | 420 | Optimist | Butterfly | Laser 4.7 | Sunfish | FJ | Flying 11 | Topper | O’pen BIC | Minnow | Flying Ant | MJ

420 Sailing Trophies

420_front_sailing_trophies We’ve made many trophies for this popular junior class.




Sometimes Butterflys sail with a skipper and crew; sometimes just one up.
You can also get 1st, 2nd and 3rd place sizes.


Flying Ant Sailing Trophy


Whether you choose to present boat trophies or budget sail trophies your winners will be delighted.

Flying Ant

Flying Eleven Sailing Trophies

flying eleven sailing dinghy 

The correct class sail insignia is included with every trophy.
And the red in that kite really is the natural timber colour. We don’t use stains.

Flying Eleven

FJ Sailing Trophies

flying junior sailboat for sale trophy

Looks to me if that crew could be working harder. Straighten those legs and back.

Flying Junior

Laser 4.7 Sailing Trophy

laser 4.7 dinghy awards

Now the junior Laser sailors can have their own distinctive Laser 4.7 trophy.

Laser 4.7

MJ Sailing Trophies


We can make all our trophies with a variety of natural timber coloured spinnakers.

Manly Junior

Minnow Sailing Trophies

minnow dinghy

Trophies for the 2005 Aussie nationals. We realise that minnows have blue sails but none of our trees know that. Brown wood is the closest we can get.


Optimist Sailing Trophies


Possibly the most popular junior class in the world.


O’pen BIC Sailing Trophy

o'pen bic sailing dinghy trophy

A fantastic trophy for a fantastic new junior sailing class.
This is a perpetual trophy with a large base for annual plaques. But you can get just as attractive keeper trophies.

O’pen BIC

sabot sailing trophy

Sabot Individual Sailing Trophies

sabot sailing trophies

A very popular junior class in Australia.


Sunfish Sailing Trophy

sunfish trophy

I just love the image of these boats going downwind. What a great sail shape.


Topper Sailing Trophy


With the distinctive sail logo and colours there’s no mistaking this fine little dinghy. We can make the full rig or the 4.2.


flying 11 prestige sailing trophy

Flying 11 Prestige Sailing Trophy


Flying 11 Prestige Trophy

Manly Junior Sailing Trophy


MJ Sailing Trophy