Classes N-R

Dinghy Trophies beginning with the Letters N to R

Naples Sabot | NS14 | OK Dinghy | O’pen BIC | Pacer | Rhodes 19

Naples Sabot Sailing Trophies


Our local club has many Sabots sailing but we hadn’t seen a Naples Sabot until we made these trophies. We were careful to include a leeboard on the starboard side

Naples Sabot

NS14 Sailing Trophy

ns 14 sailboat

The Northbridge Senior portrayed with Mylar sails.


OK Dinghy Sailing Trophy


Sail numbers can be easily, and cheaply, engraved on flexi brass plaques.

OK Dinghy

O’pen BIC Sailing Trophy

o'pen bic sailing dinghy trophy

A fantastic trophy for a fantastic new junior sailing class.
This is a perpetual trophy with a large base for annual plaques. But you can get just as attractive keeper trophies.

O’pen BIC

Pacer Sailing Trophy


As we don’t have any dark blue wood and we prefer to use natural timber colours in our trophies we used dark brown for these Pacer sails. It worked well and makes a good contrast to the light coloured hull.


Rhodes 19 Sailing Trophy


These sailing trophies accurately show a Rhodes 19 flat out downwind with the jib bunched up on the deck.

Rhodes 19

nirvana radio controlled sailing trophy

Nirvana Radio Controlled

nirvana radio controlled sailing trophy

Another sleek RC yacht

Nirvana RC

old gaffer sailing trophy

Gaff Rigged Boats

old gaffer sailing trophy

I just love the look of these boats.

Old Gaffer