Prestige Trophies

Only a little more expensive than our regular trophies these prestige sailing trophies add a real touch of class to any regatta.

Boat mounted on clear perspex which is rebated neatly into the back of the frame. Wall hangers built into the frame. Frame is wide enough to be free standing.

29er Trophy with Club Burgee


29er Prestige Trophy

420 Prestige Trophy


420 Prestige Sailing Trophy

Blokart Logo Prestige Trophy


Blokart Logo

flying 11 prestige sailing trophy

Flying 11 Prestige Sailing Trophy


Flying 11 Prestige Trophy

Manly Junior Sailing Trophy


MJ Sailing Trophy

Back of Manly Junior Trophy

rear view trophy design

Rear View of Trophy

ok dinghy prestige sailing trophy

OK Dinghy Prestige Sailing Trophy


OK Dinghy Sailing Trophy