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Ranger Nautical Gift

Ranger Nautical Gift

This is an accurate, artistic representation of a particular Ranger yacht sailing in front of the Newport Bridge. Even the sail number is cut from natural timber.
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SB3 Sailing Trophies


A perpetual trophy for a newly introduced class to Queensland.


T10 Sailing Trophies


As with all our trophies these T10s are available in 3 different sizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.


Ultimate 20 Sailing Trophies


This trophy was ordered by the skipper of yacht No. 21. They had had a particularly successful season up in Canada and he wanted a memento for himself and each of his crew members.

Ultimate 20

X95 Yacht Sailing Trophies


This X-95 is depicted sailing past a lighthouse that unfortunately burnt down a few years ago.


Westphal Sailing Trophies


Another class from Biscayne Bay, Florida.


Yngling Sailing Trophies


As you can see from the plaque this trophy was made as a fund raiser for the Aussie team before the Athens Olympics.
Your trophy can have a background of your choice.


Young 88 Perpetual Sailing Trophy


This exceptional trophy went to New Zealand for a special award for the short handed series of Young 88s.
They sail around Rangitoto Island with its distinctive volcanic profile. That’s the island in the background of the trophy.

Young 88


River Cruiser

river_cruiser_class_windmill_perpetual_sailing_trophy_400Sailing on the Norfolk Broads in the UK.

River Cruiser

Sydney 38 Sailing Trophy

Sydney 38 Front View

Sydney 38 Sailing Trophy

Sydney 38

Sydney 38 Sailing Trophy

Sydney 38 Side View

Sydney 38 Sailing Trophy

Sydney 38

Sydney 38 Sailing Trophy

Spectacular Sydney 38 Sailing Trophy

Sydney 38 Sailing TrophyOld Point Loma Lighthouse

Sydney 38

salthouse cavalier sailing trophy

A Yachties Birthday Present

salthouse cavalier sailing trophyGuess how old this particular skipper was.

Salthouse Cavalier

santana 22 sailing trophy

Santana 22

santana sailing trophy1st, 2nd and 3rd place sizes.