Skiff Trophies in a variety of Lengths and Vintages

12ft skiff sailing trophy

12ft Skiff Sailing Trophy

12ft skiff sailing trophy

Features the latest square top main sail.

12ft Skiff

14ft Skiff Sailing Trophy


Fancy Mylar mainsail, no less.

14ft Skiff

16ft Skiff Sailing Trophy

16ft skiff perpetual sailing trophy

Club burgee made from natural coloured timber.

16ft Skiff

18ft Skiff Sailing Trophy


The Ovington Boats, UK, company logo is crafted from timber on the mainsail and also engraved on the brass plaque.

18ft Skiff Ovington Boats

18ft skiff sailing trophy

18ft Skiff Sailing Trophy

18ft skiff sailing trophy

Front or side views are available

18ft Skiff

Vintage Skiff Sailing Trophy


Vintage skiffs are undergoing a resurgence on Sydney harbour. That’s the Opera House in the background.

Vintage Skiff Opera House

10ft Skiff Perpetual Sailing Trophy

10ft skiff nautical gift

A fairly accurate representation of this fabulous old sailing class that is going through a resurgence on the east coast of Australia

Historical 10ft Skiff