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Corporate Literacy Award Custom Designed

Custom Designed Corporate Literacy Award

A professor from our local university turned up at my workshop wanting me to make a corporate literacy award. She was clutching a brass worm that she had picked up many moons ago at an antiques shop.

Corporate Literacy Award
Corporate Literacy Award

She was very proud of her worm and thought it would make a great centrepiece for a corporate literacy award. She was right. It did.

All the books on this corporate literacy award are made from natural coloured timbers. Each book cover is a different timber.

I can custom design your next corporate award. Or any other type of special trophy.

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Golf Trophy and Corporate Award

Perpetual Golf Trophy
Perpetual Golf Trophy for an Annual Competition between The Rock Building Society and Societe Generale

I’ve made many different types of trophies and corporate awards including this magnificent golf trophy for a local finance company.

These were the customers requirements.

  • Small and light enough to carry in luggage on flights between Sydney and Rockhampton.
  • Magnificent enough to impress those city slickers down in Sydney!
  • Incorporate the logos of both corporations.

As golf trophies go it didn’t turn out too badly.

The main curved shape of this golf trophy is shaped from Red Cedar, one of Australia’s most valued timbers.

The base of this corporate award is from Silky Oak and Bloodwood.

All the timbers are their natural colours.

This is a custom designed golf trophy and corporate award hand crafted from quality timbers.