Weta Trimaran For Sale Second Hand Queensland Australia

Weta Trimaran for Sale SOLD

I’m reluctantly offering my nearly new Weta Trimaran for sale.

Weta Trimaran for Sale

This Weta trimaran is in perfect condition as you can see from these images.


  • Bought October 2011
  • After just a few sails it became apparent there was a problem with the alignment of the sockets in the main hull.
  • Weta replaced the hull with a brand new one in February 2012. Local agent even delivered it to Rockhampton.
  • This hull has only been sailed a few times. Hull number 706.

Reason for Selling

  • I’m 65 years old and was keen to keep racing on a performance boat. But I have carpel tunnel problems with both hands plus a dodgy knee. The Weta seemed to be the answer but has turned out to be too much of a handful for this aging skipper.

How Does It Sail?

  • A few weeks ago I took my 71 year old wife out for a sail on a day when it was blowing over 20knots. (A club event with safety boats in attendance.) I don’t know of any other small off-the-beach sailing boat that I could have taken her out on. It’s very comfortable to sit in and virtually no chance of it tipping over.
  • As it happened my wife thought it was much too bumpy out there, the waves were large, and she got soaked. But that’s sailing. I had a ball.


I’ve only made a few very minor changes to the set up.

  • Added foam padding to both outside beams. Much more comfortable to sit on.
  • Added a saddle to the gennaker furler cleat so the furling line doesn’t get swept overboard.
  • Replaced the 4mm furling line with 3mm. The 4mm line filled up the furling drum and created problems. Plenty of room with the smaller line. Gennaker now furls and unfurls completely with no problems.
  • Bent up the jib cleats as recommended in the Weta tuning guide. The jib sheets are now easily cleated from the back of the boat.
  • Adjusted the mainsheet cleat. This is probably personal preference.


Brand new Oceanic trailer registered until October 2013.

Price – SOLD

A brand new Weta with trailer costs over $16k. I’m offering mine for $13,500 ono. A nearly $3000 saving for a boat that is ready to go. This price is negotiable. As is delivery within Queensland.

Contact – SOLD

Please ring me, Steve Bundred, on 07 4935 1162. Or you can email me through the contact form on this site.


3 thoughts on “Weta Trimaran For Sale Second Hand Queensland Australia”

  1. Hi Steve, I am currently in Shanghai and saw some Weta’s at the Sailing Club. I am considering buying one when I return to Australia next week, as it appears to meet my requirements.
    However I need to check that I can fit a towbar to my RX8 and that the boat and trailer will fit in my car park space.
    If possible can you please advise the width and total length of the boat and trailer and approx total weight?

    If your boat is still for sale when I return, I will give you a call. My mobile is 0424139789.

    I live in Adelaide and would need to arrange transport should a sale proceed.


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