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East Coast Wind Fest Windsurfer Trophies

Just sent some windsurfer trophies to Cape Cod for their annual windsurfer festival. Simple sail trophy designs but they looked great.

Windsurfer Sailing Trophies
That beautiful yellow timber is Leichhardt Pine. Named for one of the early Australian migrant explorers who hailed from Germany. And this image has not been photo shopped, it really is that gorgeous colour.

We used a map of the Cape Cod peninsula as the logo on the sail of the trophy.

And the customer seems happy with them.

“The trophies for the ECWF arrived today – they look amazing and we are really happy with them!

Thank you both so much for the professional handling, quick turnaround, great packaging and last but not least the superb trophies.

The wood & clear finish looks beautiful, and the Cape Cod logo came out great.”

East Coast Wind Fest 2017

Windsurfer Trophies, Kitesurfer Trophies, and Sponsor Trophies

Aruba Hi-Winds Windsurfer Trophies

I have to admit to not having heard of the Aruba Hi-Winds Windsurfing and Kite Surfing regatta and their need for trophies. I even had to look up the whereabouts of Aruba.

It’s obviously a very successful regatta as it is in its 26th year. And they needed many windsurfer and kite surfer trophies. As well as trophies for all their sponsors.

With good input from the organisers we designed trophies especially for this event.

windsurfer kite surfer sponsor trophies

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