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Musto Skiff Perpetual sailing Trophies

It was way back in 2012 that we made a perpetual trophy for the Musto Skiff sailing class. It was a perpetual sailing trophy for the Australian state of Victoria titles.

We have recently added a Musto Skiff perpetual sailing trophy for the Australian National Titles.

The customer chose to add a double base to the Australian perpetual sailing trophy in order to accommodate many years of annual plaques.

Musto Skiff Perpetual Sailing Trophy Victoria

Our First Waszp Sailing Trophies

Waszp  Sailing Trophy

Waszp Sail TrophyWaszp Sailing Trophy

The new, at least in Australia,  Waszp foiling class is certainly a challenge to represent as a Waszp sailing trophy with all those fancy sail graphics. But the addition of some engraved plaques  works well on these Waszp timber keeper trophies.

The Waszp sailing trophy on the left is part of our Sail Trophy range. Prices here.

And the one on the right is typical of our Boat Trophies.

Trophies can be supplied with or without an engraved plaque on the base.

Waszp Perpetual Trophy

We were also asked to provide a couple of perpetual trophies for the Australian National Titles and for the Victorian State Titles.

Waszp Perpetual Trophy

The customer wanted plenty of room for annual plaques, hence the double base at a small extra cost. And of course a map of Australia with a timber Waszp sailing trophy up on its foils.

Salthouse Cavalier 32 Nautical Gift

Salthouse Cavalier 32 Nautical Gift
Salthouse Cavalier 32 Nautical Gift


A friend owns a Salthouse Cavalier 32 and I thought for his birthday the perfect present would be a nautical gift depicting his yacht.

And as you can see it was his sixtyth birthday. The big six oh.

Unfortunately Steve doesn’t get a great deal of time to go sailing so his Salthouse Cavalier 32 yacht doesn’t get to see a great deal of sailing.

At least now he has a nautical gift sailing trophy sitting on his shelf reminding him how he should get out there and go sailing.


Happy Birthday Steve.


Windsurfer Trophies, Kitesurfer Trophies, and Sponsor Trophies

Aruba Hi-Winds Windsurfer Trophies

I have to admit to not having heard of the Aruba Hi-Winds Windsurfing and Kite Surfing regatta and their need for trophies. I even had to look up the whereabouts of Aruba.

It’s obviously a very successful regatta as it is in its 26th year. And they needed many windsurfer and kite surfer trophies. As well as trophies for all their sponsors.

With good input from the organisers we designed trophies especially for this event.

windsurfer kite surfer sponsor trophies

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Firefly Perpetual Sailing Trophy

Firefly Perpetual Sailing Trophy
Firefly Perpetual Sailing Trophy

Firefly Perpetual Sailing Trophy

This sailor was retiring from the presidency of his university’s sailing team and wanted to leave a Firefly Perpetual sailing Trophy as memento of his time at the club.

He had his eye on this wonderful trophy that went to Georgetown University in the USA. But as a student, finances were a factor so we created a Firefly perpetual sailing trophy that was within his restricted budget.

His requirements were:-

  • A base large enough to take a few years annual plaques.
  • A depiction of the Firefly sailing class.
  • Class logo on the mainsail.
  • Newcastle University Coat of Arms.

We incorporated all these and produced a very nice Firefly Perpetual Trophy.

Newcastle University Coat of Arms
Newcastle University Coat of Arms

The customer was pretty happy with it.

The trophy has just arrived and it’s looking great. Thank you to Steve and yourself. I’ll be sure to recommend you to others.

Victorian Minnow Championship 2012 – Grand Prix Sailing Trophies

A new Minnow perpetual sailing trophy is always a challenge. To create a trophy that will be treasured for the next 20 years but isn’t going to cost a fortune right now.

The Victorian, Australia, Minnow Association had a few ideas of their own. A map of the state with the 3 inaugural winning boats. Not forgetting the class logo and that of their sponsors, Quantum Sails.

Minnow Perpetual Sailing Trophy
Minnow Perpetual Sailing Trophy

It didn’t work out too badly. The keeper trophies look good too.

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New Top of the Range Sailing Trophies

We are always trying to improve our sailing trophies designs, especially at the top of the range. I’ve just made this one and even the boss was impressed, bless her little cotton socks.

420 Top of the Range Sailing Trophy
420 Top of the Range Sailing Trophy

These beautiful black frames are 50mm (2″) deep so are free standing. They have hangers on the back and can also be hung on the wall.

As with all our sailing trophies you can get them customised to reflect your sailing class.

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Manly Junior NSW State Titles Sailing Trophies – February 2012

While northern hemisphere sailors have tucked their boats away for the winter Manly Junior sailors in Australia are able to make the most of our summers. These trophies are for the New South Wales State Titles to be held in February.

Manly Junior Sailing Trophies
Manly Junior Sailing Trophies - First, Second and Third Places

Each trophy has a map of the state of NSW with the class logo engraved on it.

We also used slightly thicker bases than normal to accommodate the extra text on the engraved plaque.

The organisers were also after some cheaper trophies so we crafted these class logo trophies from natural timber colours.

Manly Junior Class Logo Sailing Trophies
Manly Junior Class Logo Sailing Trophies

Viper 640 Perpetual Sailing Award

Viper 640 Perpetual Sailing Award
Viper 640 Perpetual Sailing Award


I made a fancy perpetual sailing award for the Larchmont Yacht Club, New York, early last year.

They must have liked it, they’ve just ordered another one.

This time they wanted a wall hanging along the lines of their existing trophies. With enough room on the frame for 40 years worth of annual plaques.

For their new sports boat class the Viper 640.

With a representation of the Execution Rocks lighthouse on the western end of Long Island Sound.

And the club burgee cut from natural timber colours.

The sea is represented by Sassafras and the sky by Huon Pine. A Red Cedar frame with that wonderful spinnaker shaped from New Guinea Rosewood.

As with all our trophies all natural timber colours.

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Cherub Sail Trophies for Aussie Nationals

Cherub Sailing Trophies
Cherub Sailing Trophies

This year the Cherub class held its National Titles at my home club, The keppel Bay Sailing Club in Yeppoon, Queensland.

I’d not seen these fine little boats before but was impressed by their exhilarating performance.

I hope the trophies did justice to the winners. The class association was on a tight budget so these sail trophies fitted the bill.

Sailing Trophies for the Australian Javelin Championships

The Javelin Nationals are being held in Perth this year. And it just so happens my daughter, who lives there, will be competing. She wanted her dad to make them some extra special trophies but I said, “No, you can just have the same trophies we supply to everyone else. No special favours”.

We shipped them off today. I reckon she’ll like them even if they are just our standard designs. Customised for the Javelin of course.

Javelin Sailing Trophies

We normally only make them in 3 sizes but here we made some larger ones, 350mm (14″) tall for first place, followed by our standard 300mm, 250mm and 200mm tall for 2nd to 4th.

Budget Sailing Trophies for Youth Regatta in Tropical Thailand

Although I’ve visited Thailand a few times I’ve never been to the resort area of Phuket. Some day soon maybe.

Katy is a sailing coach there but has difficulty attracting the students from the many international schools in the area. They have so many pastimes on offer from the school.

But the local and underprivileged kids are really taking to the opportunity provided by the Phuket Youth Sailing Club. All good stuff.

We made these cheap budget sailing trophies with a tropical theme.

Budget Sailing Trophies
Budget Sailing Trophies

Irish “Club of the Year” Perpetual Trophy

The Royal Yachting Association – Northern Ireland, RYANI, was after a perpetual sailing award for its “Club of the Year”. Centred on the Belfast dockyards, where the skyline is still dominated today by Harland and Wolff’s famous twin Gantry cranes, Samson and Goliath.

And with a map of Northern Ireland in the background.

RYANI Harland & Wolff Perpetual Sailing Award
RYANI Harland & Wolff Perpetual Sailing Award

I just heard back today from Ireland to say that the trophy is much admired.

I'm not sure if I ever wrote to you to thank you for the trophy.
It is much loved by all who have seen it here!

Coconut Grove Sailing Club Regatta Sailing Trophies

Coconut Grove Burgee Sailing Trophy
Coconut Grove Burgee Sailing Trophy

What a great name for a sailing club. No sign of coconuts on their club burgee though.

These burgee trophies are hand crafted from natural timber colours with engraved flexi-brass boat and letters.

The club also ordered a range of Laser and Optimist trophies. We added small club burgees to all the trophies.

And I took the opportunity to take photos that show the 3D effect we are able to get with our trophies.

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My New WETA Trimaran

Weta Trimaran Sailing Trophy
Weta Trimaran Sailing Trophy

I’ve been sailing a Cobra Catamaran for many years but have decided in my mature years I need trainer wheels. So I’ve  just bought a Weta. Maybe not quite as fast as the Cobra but I should be able to sail it on my own in most winds.

I don’t yet have it in my hot sticky hands but I have made a trophy for the yacht brokers who I’m buying it off. Hope they like the trophy and I like the boat.

Anyone want to buy a pre-loved Cobra catamaran?

Weta Trimaran
Steve's New Weta Trimaran

Birth of an Anchor Sailing Trophy

Anchor Sailing Trophy
Anchor Sailing Trophy

Julie-Anne runs a local business making cakes for special occasions. It seems to be quite successful and keeping her busy.

A recent request was for a 80th birthday cake for a sailor. She had tried to make an anchor from icing sugar but it kept collapsing. So she contacted me for a wooden one.

This gave me an idea.

Nautical Library Pediment with Anchor and Burgee
Nautical Library Pediment with Anchor and Burgee

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